How we support people with disabilities in our workforce

We work with a work assistance establishment (ESAT) in France whose objective is to integrate adults with disabilities into the workforce. ESAT welcomes people whose work capacities do not allow them to work in an ordinary job. The work offered is always adapted according to the abilities of the person. We work with 19 people at the ESAT in Le Havre, France who pack our grains and flakes.

The Production Line

Our workers help pack our quinoa flakes and quinoa grains in a factory in Le Havre, France. Pictured is an insiders look into their very efficient production line set up.

Meet Patricia

Patricia is one of the many superstars who make up the Quinola ESAT family. Patricia helps to pack all of our flakes and grains in secure cardboard boxes. Her favourite dish is filet of herring and her favourite part of the day is coming to work (we promise we didn't bribe her to say this!).

Get to know Kevin

Not to be confused with his colleague who is also called Kevin. Kevin helps to pack up our products and ensure they have the correct labelling stickers stuck on. His favourite dish is Paella and he absolutely loves playing football - a football fanatic some might say.

Meet Line

Line is an original spelling of the UK Lynne - so make sure you get her name right! She helps to pack our quinoa flakes and ensures the award stickers (like the Great Taste Awards) are stuck on. Her favourite dish is Cordon Bleu escalope and pasta. She loves to dance and her favourite music is disco - who would've thought!
We are very proud of the work we do with the ESAT. It’s important to us that the most vulnerable people in society get the chance to work, be part of a community, and receive equal opportunities. Not only is your purchase of Quinola benefiting your health and taste buds, you can know full well that it is helping support a steady job for our workers at ESAT!
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