Our Packaging is Plastic Neutral Certified

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, our packaging has gone plastic neutral. We are collecting one plastic packet for every one we sell. That’s Our Plastic Neutral Promise.

How It Works

We have partnered with RePurpose to make our packaging plastic neutral. For every product we sell, we are donating a percentage towards a vetted program named CARPE India that recycles as much plastic waste from the environment as we use in our packaging.

1. Measure

We donate a percentage of every product purchase to fund the collection of 2300 kgs of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills every year in India.

2. Compensate

CARPE India's employees then collect plastic waste lying around that would usually be left to pollute the environment. The plastic waste is collected, bailed, and then sent to local cement factories. The bails of plastic are used as a fuel to make cement. Not only does this provide a waste to energy solution that is cleaner (as it’s burnt in closed furnaces), but it also avoids the burning of coking coal, the fuel typically used to make cement – one of the dirtiest fuels to be found.

3. Reduce

The work doesn't stop there. We continue to work closely with rePurpose Global to reduce the future use of single plastics in our products. We know we are not perfect, but we are committed to continuously looking at new ways we can be more sustainable.

CARPE India - Our Plastic Neutral Partner

Through our work with CARPE India, over 2300kgs of plastic waste is diverted from oceans and landfills, over 50 waste workers and family members are provided with additional income and 6 Tons of CO2 emissions are avoided. So not only is plastic waste being removed from the environment, RePurpose provides additional income to informal waste workers empowering them and their families further. The program also reduces the carbon footprint of local cement plants by providing recycled plastic bails as a cleaner fuel source alternative - opposed to the factories using the usual dirty coking coal.
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