Offsetting our Maritime Emissions

We have pledged to offset every gram of CO2 emitted by the shipping (maritime) of our Organic Fairtrade Quinoa from Lima, Peru to le Havre in France. Through Pur Projet we finance a certified reforestation project in San Martin, Peru guaranteeing the offset of our maritime transport CO2. Shipping goods via maritime transport is very carbon-efficient in the first place. Nonetheless, we felt it was important to offset this extra distance!


In the 1980’s San Martin region was heavily deforested as Peru underwent a strong increase in illicit cocoa cultivation, cattle ranching and drug trafficking ruled many Amazonian regions. In result, the soil and ecosystems of the region were heavily impacted. Local cooperatives were created and gathered Fairtrade organic cocoa and coffee farmers to help plant trees on degraded land.


With Pur Projet, we estimated our quinoa’s maritime transport carbon emissions and chose the certified reforestation project Jubilación Segura to finance - guaranteeing the equivalent of our CO2 emissions will be offset by forest carbon sequestration. Since launching in 2010, a total of 1,624,492 trees have been planted by Pur Projet in San Martin, Peru.

Carbon Sequestration

Pur Projet have estimated that for every 1000 trees planted, 17.1 tonnes of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere per year via carbon sequestration!? Carbon Sequestration is when carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees/plants/grasses through photosynthesis and stored as carbon in biomass (trunks, branches, foliage, and roots) and soils.

What about the Farmers?

Over 2,663 farmers have been involved in the Jubilación Segura project thus far. The reforestation project has helped provide alternative and additional sources of income for local farming communities.
In addition to carbon sequestration and enhancing farmers' livelihoods, the project helps to increase rain-forest biodiversity, retain additional water, restore degraded land and decrease soil erosion. To learn more, click the button below to watch a short video on this project.
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