We believe in us humans

We’re in love with us humans. We might be a country mile from perfection. But when we all decide on a course of action, there’s absolutely no stopping us. We have the potential to reverse climate change. We can raise everyone out of poverty. But first, there’s a fire we need to light. The belief that being generous to the environment, to ourselves and each other, is the only way to achieve better.

We are Quinola. We care, and we know that you care too. This page outlines all the steps we’re taking to do better.

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Over $ 320,000 extra revenue to our Fairtrade Cooperatives

Since 2012 $ 320,000 extra revenue has been earnt by the cooperatives thanks to our Fairtrade guarantees. That’s the equivalent to 60 Peruvian farmer annual salaries*. We pay a $260 Fairtrade Premium for every single tonne bought, regardless of market price. *Avg salary $443 month.

Working with 19 adults with learning disabilities

We work with a work assistance establishment (ESAT) in France whose objective is to integrate adults with disabilities into the workforce. The ESAT welcomes people whose work capacities do not allow them to work in an ordinary job. The work offered is always adapted according to the abilities of the person.

Offset the equivalent to half a million plastic water bottles!

Through our partnership with RePurpose Global we offset 7g of plastic for every pack we sell making our packaging Plastic Neutral. Through our work with CARPE India, nearly 5000kgs of plastic waste has been diverted from oceans and landfills, and over 50 waste workers and their families are provided with additional income.

1,624,492 trees planted in Peru

We co-finance a certified reforestation project in San Martin, Peru, guaranteeing the offset of our maritime transport CO2.

Non-Irrigated Crop

As quinoa is a non-irrigated crop it saves 362 million litres of water compared to rice.

Shipping vs flying

We make sure to ship all products, producing only 18.2 tonnes of carbon. In comparison, if we were to fly we'd emit 113 times more carbon!
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