New David Lloyd menu features Quinola

We are proud that David Lloyd has decided to put Quinola on their menu at their Delicious bars across the country. Their menu is designed to help you from the inside out, by eating healthily and tastily. Their expert nutritionists have based their menu choices on two main pillars: the Paleo diet and the 40:30:30 approach. Simplistically, the Paleo diet is based on natural ingredients that would have been available to stone age humans and excludes grains and dairy-based products- yes, you know that quinoa is not, in fact, a grain but a member of the spinach family. Our genetic makeup has not changed since palaeolithic times but our standard diet has seen drastic changes in the last few decades. The consequences of this changed diet are to be seen everywhere with issues around obesity, diabetes, intestinal cancers etc. Our bodies are just not designed to ingest the output of the industrial agro-businesses of today. If you can’t understand the ingredients list then your body probably can’t either. The 40% carbohydrates 30% protein and 30% fats philosophy is based on keeping blood sugar levels as stable as possible to avoid the build-up of fat you get when sugar levels peak all the time. Hence the beauty of the complete vegetable protein in quinoa, and its slow release carbohydrates. Below is a photo that Nicki Husband kindly took for us, at their club in York, of their superfood salad in the deli made up with Red & Pearl Quinoa:

They also do a quinoa-based Mezze. If you want to find out more visit their page explaining the philosophy behind Delicious menus:

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