Lima of London wins a Michelin Star

Its great to see that Fairtrade and excellence can go hand in hand. We were delighted that Lima, one of our restaurant clients in London, is the first Peruvian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star. Its beginning to be quite a tally of starred restaurants that work with our Quinoa. As we never tire of saying not all quinoas are born equal. Ours just happens to be the best! If you want to see a few recipes they do with our quinoa, have a look at the blog we posted on the quinoa recipes they had on the menu the day we visited. Given quinoa’s versatility, it often appears in one of their ever-changing daily specials. And they have 4 dishes on their menu that are quinoa based. If you want to try out some top rated Quinola cuisine you can find out more about their restaurant and book a table at the following link:


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