Fairtade Advent Calendar: UK and Ireland

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is on its way and the Countdown to the 25th well underway (19 days anyone?!) This means Advent Calendars; and not just the chocolate kind. Sometimes the can  signify a little more than excitedly torn open tin foil windows and daily doses of chocolate baubles. We want to share with you another, more ethical way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas. In both the UK and Ireland, Fairtrade have launched a ‘Fairtrade Advent Calendar’. It’s what we’re calling an ‘alternative’ Advent Calendar…doesn’t sound as fun as your average chocolate fest, right? Wrong!

Fairtrade are giving you the chance to win, and win big! Each day, you have the chance to win some Fairtrade goodies, and every day it’s a different prize, from a different company. Surprises galore! If you want your chance to win your more traditional chocolate hit check out day 19 and try your luck at getting some Divine Chocolate. Or, if you fancy loading up on the good fats to keep you going through winter, look out for a contribution from Liberation Nuts. Maybe you might fancy a detox that Suki or the English T-shop can provide you with. Either way, with 24 days, you’ll be sure to find something to your tastes.

Alongside the chance to win prizes, each day you’ll be able to learn a little more about Fairtrade, what it does and how you can help. This will be in the form of fun stats, quick facts or more detailed chunks of information. Once you’ve read the info and answered one tiny question, you’re entered! So yes, you’ve got to read the details. But that’s a Fair-Trade right? Fairtrade is all about good karma, so by educating yourself and being part of the process, you’re earning your chance to win a prize.

Follow the links to the UK and Ireland Calendars here:



(p.s if you fancy winning some Quinola and you live in Ireland, you might want to check out day 9)


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